Our Approach

A fresh and focused approach.

“Family Office” appears to mean many things. Commonly, it is an enterprise established to meet the investment, estate planning and, in some cases, the lifestyle and tax service needs of wealthy families. Genn is a family office with a difference. What sets us apart?

Managing wealth with a new approach

Many wealthy families do a good job of preparing their money for their children. Yet, by some estimates, 80% of wealthy families return to ‘pre-wealth status’ after only three generations. The reason is that preparing their children for their money does not receive the same attention. A key and distinguishing goal for Genn is the preparation of all generations to help them integrate vast wealth with a lifestyle governed by family values and purpose.

All members of the Genn team are passionate about helping families succeed in the face of the “hard” and “soft” issues that come with significant wealth. A key distinction of Genn is that even our “hard” issue experts are sensitive to and trained in dealing with the importance of the “soft” issues. The result is a balance that makes us unique. Further, to ensure our ability to relate to our client families, our team was designed with representation from various generations. That speaks to the breadth of our team, and well over a century of combined experience in working with wealthy families speaks to our depth.

To further emphasize the importance we place on the “soft” issues, Genn’s founding member Aly Pain is dedicated to the “soft” concerns. As part of each family’s ‘Family Council’, Aly – a professional coach and facilitator with extensive experience working with wealthy families (including large multi-generational family firms) and executive teams – will work to provide families with clear purpose, greater awareness and effective habits in their business and personal lives. The purpose of the Family Council is to help families communicate better, make clear visionary decisions and meet and exceed their goals. These are critical to the success of any venture and we believe this approach sets Genn apart from other family office enterprises. Although Aly remains available and dedicated to each Family Council, each family is free to add other advisors to the Family Council. This may be the case where, for example, a family has a pre-existing relationship with a counsellor or coach.

Why Choose Genn

Choosing Genn means choosing a family office passionate about preparing subsequent generations to be knowledgeable and prudent stewards of their family wealth.Learn More

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