Why Choose Us?

Choosing Genn means choosing a family office passionate about preparing subsequent generations to be knowledgeable and prudent stewards of their family wealth.

Each family will have a Family Council to address “soft” issues such as family values, mission, communication, governance, philanthropy, legacy, etc. It will meet regularly and will provide instruction to the management of Genn to execute strategies and processes based on the goals and values that solidify the family.

If so desired by the family, Family Council members will include designated family members and external advisors. The Family Council will enjoy the participation of Aly Pain, one of Genn’s founders who specializes in coaching wealthy families. When appropriate and needed, the Family Council will also draw upon experienced external specialists. Kevin Algar, CEO of Genn, will be a member of the Council to ensure a channel of communication with Genn’s operations staff.

The Genn Approach

“Family Office” appears to mean many things.  Commonly, it is an enterprise established to meet the investment, estate planning and, in some cases, the lifestyle and tax service needs of wealthy families. Genn is a family office with a difference. What sets us apart?
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