Our Services

Our Core Focus:

  • Family continuity planning through education, leadership and governance
  • Family philanthropy with a clear mission, strategy and foundation
  • Integrated planning for investment, estate, tax and the financial future
  • Conducting regular and timely family risk assessments with balance sheet analysis, review of risk sharing, and insurance stewardship
  • Family business planning through business succession, ownership control and capital financing
  • Investment consulting with asset allocation, manager evaluation/selection, and portfolio construction and evaluation

Genn Services:

This is a representative list of general services. A detailed list is available upon request. Some of these services may be provided by existing advisors, in which case Genn’s offering will be restricted accordingly.

Family continuity planning:

  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Governance Structure
  • Financial planning
  • Family business planning:

  • Business succession
  • Ownership control
  • Capital financing
  • Investment consulting (public, private, hedge, etc.):

  • Asset allocation
  • Manager evaluation and selection
  • Portfolio construction and evaluation
  • Risk tolerance assessment and implementation
  • Fee analysis
  • Family philanthropy:

  • Mission
  • Foundation management
  • Strategic granting
  • Integrated planning to coordinate family goals and values with:

  • Investment
  • Estate
  • Tax
  • Financial planning
  • Family risk assessment:

  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Review of risk sharing
  • Risk allocation planning
  • Insurance stewardship
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